Short term rental consulting services customized for you.


We're not property managers.

We're your property gurus.

Short term rentals are our ~thing~ and we're sharing our tools and success strategies with future or current hosts like you. You may not have the time, energy, or knowledge but we do. Partnering with us will bring you passive income, freedom, and comfort you've been looking for.

Three sisters from Charlotte, NC.

We listed our own home on Airbnb and immediately understood the value of helping others do the same. The hard work we put into it came naturally, however, it doesn't for most. From our own personal experience, we gained freedom to travel and at the same time provided a clean, comfortable stay for others. That's when this became a passion.


The three of us are not only family, but young professional women working in different industries. Our individual strengths combined are the secret sauce. Collaborating with enthusiastic, genuine people who share similar goals is our dream. Our creative touch, eye for detail, and property management background shines through our guest reviews and client testimonials. The guidance we provide will guarantee you and your guests have the best possible experience. 

Join the family.


Not in the carolinas?
our services travel to you.

We empower you to make the best decisions for your property, guests, and wallet no matter what stage you're at. See what service fits your needs.



You're new at this and need guidance.

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You're a property manager 

wanting to grow your client base.

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 maintain your success and we'll host.

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You're experienced but need a fresh set of eyes.





House Manual

First Guest



Coaching, Tips,

and Tools

Professional Photography

Cleaning and 

Maintenance Coordination




If you get a headache wondering where to start, we're your painkiller.

You'll have a beautifully crafted listing without wasting your time and energy. You won't be scrambling to find reliable cleaning crews or trying to capture pictures using your cell phone. The science behind our launch will set you up for success financially. You're in good hands as we WOW your guests with our Carolina CoHost hospitality. You'll be confident and ready for any hosting opportunities.



Cleaning and 

Maintenance Coordination



Continued Coaching and Feedback

thank us later when YOU'RE ON THE BEACH SIPPING a piña colada.


Your passive income grows because the Carolina CoHost hospitality doesn't end. We continue doing the work while you gain freedom to travel, pursue hobbies, and handle other  commitments.  We check your guests in, coordinate cleanings between stays, and optimize your property along the way.



sit back & relax as we serve referrals to you on a silver platter.

If you're an all-star property management company, let's be partners. Finding leads can be challenging but we take that weight off your shoulders. Build your network and grow your portfolio easily. When our successful clients need full-service property management, we'll send them your way. It's literally that easy.



We take a diamond in the rough and polish it.

You're no amateur in the biz but you could use another perspective. That time you spend scratching your head for answers is money lost. Your vision is important to us and we'll get you there. If you're looking to maximize your profits, bookings, and positive guest experiences, say no more. We'll open those doors for you.